Doha Bank Internet Security Policy

We maintain security standards and procedures to help prevent unauthorized access to confidential information about your account through DBank Online. Our web servers are SSL protected. This means that all your sessions to and from the bank over the internet are encrypted to a minimum of 128-bit encryption even if the browsers are old which have limited 40-bit or 56-bit encryption capabilities. 256-bit encryption can be enabled if the browser is capable of 256-bit encryption.

Only registered users will have an access to  DBank Online by using their account number and password. Additional security measures are also in place to protect access to your accounts.

Doha Bank's systems are protected with Industry standard, strong perimeter devices which block unauthorized intrusions. Our Infrastructure is regularly assessed and audited by well-known external security consulting firms to ensure that our site is secure. In addition, Doha bank has a dedicated team of highly qualified Internet-Security professionals who are committed on a full time basis at the bank, to continually monitor the website and DBank Online applications for any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

Doha Bank dedicates considerable resources to ensuring the highest level of Internet security. The confidentiality and security of your accounts remains our highest priority at all times. You can rest assured that nothing short of world-class security standards are maintained at Doha Bank.

All our online banking applications contain a " Thawte " seal, which you can click at anytime to confirm that you are visiting a secure site hosted by Doha Bank.

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