Terms and conditions

Article 1: Definitions

The  following words and expressions shall mean the same meaning assigned to each of them in this agreement:

The bank:DOHA BANK (QSC) – Doha Qatar, its successors and assignees

Customer: Persons and legal entities entering into contract with the bank under this agreement and entitled to use this service.

Agreement:Service request, terms and conditions and any other attached document including the instructions and conditions accepted by the customer while using this service through his computers.

Internet account:Refers to any account or accounts specified by customers as accounts linked to the service when applying for this service

PIN Code:Refers to customer’s password, ID No and user name provided to him by the bank.

Services:Banking services referred to in article 2 of these terms and conditions.

Service:Internet banking services provided by DOHA BANK “Internet Banking”

Article 2: Services Description

The bank shall provide the following services according to its decision and sole discretion. Such service will include but shall not be limited to:

ATM, Credit card application, Cancellation, termination or reactivation of ATM and credit cards, ATM and Credit cards PIN Code reissue request, Request  to increasing credit cards limit, Request  to solve troubles related to ATM cards, Registration in the utility bills payment service [ facilities through ATM, counters and banking phone], Direct debit service, Registration, reactivation in phone banking service, Application form for SMS ”Short Message Service”, Registration  form for Qs Pack and other related forms,   Registration & Reloading web surfer cards service,   Opening new accounts, balance enquiry, Requesting stand by letter / modifications of credit on the account, Renewal of standing instructions, Requesting account statement , issuing check book, Requesting accounts statement through mail, Request for dinning club card, Requesting Letter of credit, Requesting shipping letter of guarantee, perform fund transfer between own account, third party fund transfer (to Doha Bank account holders), perform/request E-Remittance, SWIFT transfer & demand draft order/services.

Application forms available on web site

Personal Loan Application, Car Loan, Housing loan, Opening an account, Registration in info vest service, Registration in internet banking, Registration for E-Remittance service.

Article 3: Service Operation

Registration to join this service is completed after the specified form is duly signed by customer’s authorized signatories  and the representatives who are entitled to use the service are nominated. Every customer may change his password to one of his choice upon his first log in, provided the following conditions are preserved;

  1. The bank shall not accept instructions unless the proper PIN code is used and security procedures of the service are complied with.
  2. Every customer shall be provided, in case of joint accounts “retail “ or “corporate” or “ establishments”  with separate and special Pin code and password and the bank may apply joint or several limits for every customer with regards to financial transaction and the customer must expressly agree to this procedure.
  3. Customer acknowledges that the date and time appearing on his screen are the time and date inserted on the bank’s main computer and that any transaction executed during the working hours of that day shall be completed on the same day and any other transaction executed after the working hours or during banks holiday or any other holiday including Fridays and Saturdays shall be completed on the next working day. Working hours for this purpose shall be  from : 07.30 a.m up to  01:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday, or any other working hours designated by the Bank.
  4. The bank reserve the right at any time to determine the minimum balance  to be kept in the account of the customer. if the customer fails to maintain the specified minimum balance in his account. The bank reserves the right to withdraw the service from customer .
  5. The bank is entitled to impose fees for any service provided and published on the bank’s web site.
  6. The bank is authorized to accept customer’s instructions and duly execute them.
  7. Information displayed on the screen or printed by customer while using the banking service on the internet represents only a record for his accessing the internet, and shall not be construed as being the bank records with regards to that transaction except for express instructions agreed by the bank and listed in the banks records.
  8. Any instruction issued by the customer to the bank through this service is valid and shall not be cancelled except through a cancellation notice from the customer and addressed to, and received by the bank prior to the execution of such instructions.
  9. Bank records containing customers instructions through this service are considered to be material evidence of such instructions when issued and are legally binding upon customer.
  10. Customer is responsible for the accuracy of information he supplies to the bank through the use of this service or any other communication means  the bank shall not be liable for any damages that may be caused by erroneous information provided by customers.

Article 4: Customers Obligations:

Customer agrees to the following obligations:

  1. Maintain the confidentiality of his ID codes or password and must promptly inform the bank if he feels that his code became known to any third party. The bank shall not be responsible, unless received such a notice, for any damages caused by illegal use or otherwise through the proper use of the confidential ID and password of the customer.
  2. When customer wishes to suspend the service he must inform the bank for this effect with a 15 days written notice and customer shall be responsible for all transactions that take place in this period between the notice and service suspension.
  3. When  the customer starts using the internet banking service he is considered to have accepted the terms and conditions and abides himself to carry them out properly.
  4. His electronic agreement before using any new service provided on the internet confirms his acceptance for all terms and conditions related to the service.
  5. Executing, as per banks decisions, all documents, commitments and instruments necessary for the execution of this agreement.

Article 5: Limits of Banks Liability:

The bank is not responsible towards the customer for any negligence or violation to the provision and conditions of this agreement or otherwise for any losses (direct, indirect or accidental) caused by reasons including but not limited to;

  1. Customer using the service or any material or software provided on the site or downloading information there from.
  2. Customers failure to use the service or access it through the internet any time and any failure to provide any part there from.
  3. Any claim raised by a third party against the bank or its customers due to improper use of the service by customer.
  4. Any delay or failure in transmitting or receiving any instructions or notices dispatched through the service.
  5. Customer using e-mail or any other insecure means of communication in dispatching instructions to the bank.
  6. Any erroneous information or opinion displayed through the service or customers dependence on such information or erroneous opinion.

Article 6: Violation Cases:

The bank may refrain from executing customers instructions or suspend the service or terminate this agreement in the following cases:

  1. If the instructions are not proper or there was a sufficient suspicious that the source was not the bank’s customer.
  2. Customers violation to any of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  3. Customer providing any documents or statements or commitments which are improper of forged.
  4. Taking any criminal or civil procedures against customers by the Bank or third parties.
  5. Termination of this service or promoting it in a way that alters its nature.
  6. Interception to this service by any other party in a way that affects the banks ability to provide the service.
  7. Customers death or bankruptcy or loss of his legally considered status.
  8. Any other incidents considered in the opinion of the bank  as an attempt on the customers part to use other software or electronic means that may affect the service.

Article 7: General

  1. The bank may use customers  personal information with regards to other services and may disclose, whether with or without court order, to other institutions information that may deems necessary for reasons including but not limited to malpractices and credit rating through famous rating agencies.
  2. The bank may publish on the service site on the internet, notices of general nature and applicable to all service customers. Such notices  shall have the same legal effect as that of the special notices sent specifically to customer.
  3. The bank may change these terms and conditions from time to time by placing notices to such effect on the bank’s web site. I/we hereby express my/our prior agreement on such changes and waive any right I/we may have to contend that and irrevocably agree to abide by any changes made by the bank on such terms and conditions.
  4. The e-mail is not considered to be a safe communication means and the bank shall ignore any instructions if receives through e-mails.
  5. Customer acknowledges that this service is the sole property  of DOHA BANK and the bank reserves the right  to publish the software and documents of the service and its consequent modifications on the internet.
  6. Customer is aware that the bank shall not issue any notice or printed confirmation regarding any transaction executed through the service, though any completed transaction shall be listed in the participant statement of account.
  7. The bank is entitled to undertake set off between all balances or accounts to settle any due payment on the customer.
  8. Customer authorizes the bank to debit his account with all expenses and cost of any nature incurred directly or indirectly and paid by the bank with regards to the service. Such expense and cost shall include without limitation judicial fees and expenses, attorney fees, stamps costs, telephones and wire charges, exchange difference of whatever amount, even if not decided wholly by the court, and any other amounts paid by the bank with regards to this agreement.
  9. This agreement and all of its provisions and conditions shall remain binding to successors .
  10. Any notice shall be served to any party on the address assigned to each party whether by mail or fax or any other means agreed upon by the bank and customer.
  11. This agreement is governed and shall be construed by the Qatari laws and the Qatari courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute that may arise between the parties.
  12. This agreement is issued into Arabic and English languages. In case of  any contradiction  or discrepancy the Arabic text shall prevail.

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